Are You a Gambler?

Are You a Gambler?

posted on 28, Feb, 2018 by turbo-wash

Did you know every business operating in the state of New Jersey is required by law to have both general liability insurance; to protect you against damage to your personal property and workers compensation insurance; to protect you against any one being injured on your property?

Did you know that the New Jersey consumer fraud act requires a signed proposal be on record authorizing any work to be done prior to commencing work?

Did you know that due to increased complaints being filed against uninsured contractors working within the State of New Jersey a new law was implemented as of 1/1/07 mandating that any contractor working on a residential home in the state of New Jersey be required to register as a home contractor?

In order to register as a licensed home contractor proof of both liability and workers compensation insurance is required. The registration number has to be prominently displayed on both the contractor’s letterhead and vehicles.

  1. Always ask for proof of insurance, both liability and workers comp
  2. Always get a written proposal outlining all terms and conditions.
  3. Always ask for a New Jersey home contractor registration number.

“Remember, once the sweet taste of a low price has disappeared, the sour taste of poor quality and/or an uninsured contractor will long remain.”

An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer!


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