Hot vs. Cold. What’s the difference?

Hot vs. Cold. What’s the difference?

posted on 28, Feb, 2018 by turbo-wash

All powerwashers fall into one of two categories: hot water or cold water. Because both types of powerwashers offer models with the same volume and pressure, it begs the question- why do I need a hot water? The answer is as close as your kitchen sink. You’ve just had a delicious spaghetti dinner, and it’s time to wash the dishes. You turn the water on and begin to run it over your dirty plate; the stain doesn’t start to readily come off until the water begins to warm up. Once the water gets hot the stains come right off. Why? It’s a story as tiny as the molecules that make up the water.

Now for the boring scientific explanation.

We learned in our early school years how everything is made up of atoms that bond together to form molecules. These tiny molecules are in constant motion. With water the hotter it gets the faster these molecules move.

Svante A. Arrhenuis (1859-1927), a Swedish chemist, researched the heat-energy relationship. In short, he concluded that higher temperatures caused molecules to collide with each other creating energy that can cause the molecules of grease and grime to break freefrom the surface from which they are attached. Dirt particles are quite often attracted and adhere to a particular material, as in the example of dirt on a painted surface. Water on its own is not able to loosen the dirt and remove it from the surface of the material. However heated water, as described above creates a high-speed molecular action that physically breaks the bond between the grime and the surface to which it is attached.

In addition to actually being able to help loosen dirt with water alone, heat has the added benefit of making detergents more effective. Adding heat will accelerate chemical reactions, with the general rule of thumb being activity doubles for every 10 degrees C increase.

The rule of thumb is simple: if cold water can clean it good, hot water can clean it better. Heat energy means a hot water powerwasher will deliver cleanings most effective knockout punch for your dirtiest jobs.
After reading this explanation I hope it is now clear how hot water powerwashing has many distinct advantages over cold water powerwashing.


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