concrete power washing

concrete power washing

Masonry can be one of the most challenging of surfaces for a contractor to clean. Very few contractors have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and cleaning solutions available to effectively clean these stubbornly stained surfaces. If in the past you have asked other contractors and cleaning services to restore your masonry and have had less than desirable results or just a plain answer “no the job in question cannot be cleaned”, be sure to get a second opinion from Turbo-Wash… a true specialist in the powerwashing industry. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

There are many different variables involved depending on the specific job at hand. With today’s cleaning technology and the vast selection of masonry cleaning solutions Turbo-Wash incorporates, you can expect your masonry to clean up with amazing results. Whether it be stone, stucco, brick, or concrete, Turbo-Wash can restore the surface to like new results using hot high pressure water in conjunction with one of the many industrial cleaners available to remove airborne carbon, dirt, and mildew stains.



Have you looked outside at your concrete patio and or pool surrounding lately? At first glance you may look at the concrete and feel as though it’s not that dirty. What you may not realize is that, slowly over the years the concrete has been subject to constant weathering and as a result has gradually gotten dirty and mildew stained and the original finish is lost. Most customers are amazed as to how dirty their concrete really became when they see the contrast after Turbo-Wash has begun the cleaning process. If most clients only realized the dirt, mildew and mold spores they had subjected their feet to when walking outside on their patio and or pool surroundings during those hot summer days in the backyard, they would have had the area cleaned long before. For a minimal fee Turbo-Wash will thoroughly clean your concrete area using a combination of both hot high pressure water and a masonry cleaning solution for like new results.


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