So you want to do it yourself?

So you want to do it yourself?

posted on 28, Feb, 2018 by turbo-wash

The tale of the do-it-yourselfer: It’s Saturday morning and you have nothing to do! Your all caught up at work, your lawn is taken care of, and even your to do list is empty. You get the bright idea: “I think I will powerwash the house, patio and walkways today, saving lots of money.”

You travel down to your local rental shop, in order to rent a powerwasher. You wait in line, eventually paying about $85.00 rent, another $45.00 to rent a concrete cleaner, and a $400.00 security deposit. The clerk gives you a brief description on how to properly use the equipment, helps you load all the stuff into the back of your car and wishes you on your way. “I hope they gave me a good one that works properly.”

Next off to the hardware store to get the cleaning chemicals. “What works? What doesn’t? What should I use? How do I use it?” This stuff costs $15.00+ per gallon; you estimate that you will need 6 gallons to clean the house and the concrete. “That’s another $90.00+,” you grumble since you’ve now spent more than $220.00 to get everything you need, not to mention the stop for gas on the way home. But then you feel better thinking to yourself about all the money your saving.

Home! FINALLY! Now you have to unload. You take everything out of your car (“This sucker is HEAVY!”) You manage to get everything out of the car OK, with only one minor scratch on the trunk and little bit of gas spilled on the carpet. You drag the powerwasher, hoses, accessories and chemicals all over your nice lawn. If you happen to spill anything on the grass, you will surely know within the next few days. Bummer! You run all the hoses, set up the machine, check your connections and attachments. First try to start the machine, sputter but no good. Second try, they didn’t tell you that you have to hold the trigger on the wand open when you pull the starter rope. Third try, Ok she’s running. Elated, you shut the motor off to get your chemical mixture ready. OK, this time you’re really ready to get started. They didn’t tell you that once you get the machine started should you decide to shut it off, the starter rope will not turn the machine over unless you first release all of the trapped pressure by pulling the trigger first. It took a while to figure all that out, but now YOUR READY.

Several hours later, you think you’re done. Did you miss any spots? Did you get the high sections well? Did you rinse the shrubbery well enough? Your hot and tired, but don’t forget the patio. This will only take another hour, “piece of cake,” as they say.

You finish the patio and your back is killing you. Now it’s late, hurry up! Collect everything, load it up, and take it back before you have to pay another days rent. As your backing out of the driveway, you notice “zebra stripes” on the concrete you just cleaned. They didn’t tell you what to do, or even warn you about that. Well at least I got it all done, and I saved money too. It only took the whole day getting wet, hot, and tired. And, as a bonus, I’ll probable be sore tomorrow!

The next day, you tell your neighbor about your adventure, and how you spent ONLY $225.00 to “clean” your house and patio. He laughs and tells you that he called Turbo-Wash whose crew will conveniently be there Monday to clean his house, deck and patio all for a reasonable price. They will be finished with the job before he even gets home from work. He then mentions that he saw you working yesterday and would have gladly helped you if he had known earlier, but he had plans to spend the day on the golf course with his buddies. You think to yourself, “That’s OK I saved money….” OR DID I?

A penny richer but a pound-foolish.



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