Soft Washing


Don’t let our name fool you. Turbo-Wash specializes in all forms of powerwashing including soft washing.

Soft washing is a cleaning technique that uses specialized soaps and detergents to loosen dirt, mold and mildew, allowing us to remove stains using only low pressure. The advent of soft washing has changed the exterior cleaning industry by allowing specialized chemical solutions to be applied to exterior surfaces for the benefit of cleaning that surface without the use of pressure. In the last decade, soft washing has become an important part of the powerwashing and exterior cleaning industry, and should be a part of any professional powerwashing companies arsenal.

This is a great cleaning technique to use on more delicate surfaces that would likely be damaged by the use of higher pressures.

But don’t be fooled by companies using catchy names like soft washing to try and win your business. Soft Washing is also a newer marketing term that has started to be used throughout the industry. There are many different cleaning techniques, and each job is unique and will require a specific cleaning process to achieve the best possible results.

Leave it to the pros at Turbo-Wash to decide which cleaning method to use on your particular job. We are trained professionals in the field with a wealth of knowledge that we have acquired over our 24 years in business. We will access your particular job and then use the correct cleaning method to safely and effectively clean your job.

Customer satisfaction is job #1

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your job, just contact us and we will come back and make it right!



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