Top 5 Powerwashing Rip-Offs

Top 5 Powerwashing Rip-Offs

posted on 28, Feb, 2018 by turbo-wash

Rip-Off #1: Low Price: To some degree, all of us are attracted to low price because we want to work within a budget. But some contractors use low prices as the bait in order to land a job. They are hoping you are basing your buying decision on price alone and if they are the cheapest, they will get the job.

Unfortunately once they get the job they have to take shortcuts in order to try and make a profit. Professional powerwashing is not as cheap as some unethical powerwashers would like you to believe. Professional powerwashing companies have the same overhead as any other type of service business. Some of these expenses include  insurances, payroll, fuel, vehicle and equipment repair and maintenance, advertising, rent, and supplies to name a few.  Make sure you are paying for the level of quality and service you expect. If a price seems to good to be true it usually is.

Rip-Off #2: Crafty Claims Like: “Soft Washing”, or no pressure washing.  You may read this in ads, or hear this from contractors. The fact is that these contractors are using powerwashing equipment. Not some kind of specialized equipment, they want you to believe they are using. This is just another marketing ploy trying to weigh in on consumer’s fears about the potential damage the pressure of a powerwasher can cause.

A professional powerwasher will always be trained in proper usage of their equipment and should be using equipment with fully variable pressure capabilities. Crafty claims like this are nothing more than an attempt of trickery to exploit the unknowning customer.

Rip-Off #3: The offer of free services: Some contractors will advertise that they offer free “hot wax” or some other kind of free treatment. The fact is that these products are useless and only mentioned as a means at attempting to add value to their offering. A reputable contractor would never offer these services, be leery of contractors who do.

Rip-Off #4: Advertising one set price for any job: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that something is wrong here. How can a contractor offer to wash “ANY” house for a $250 price? Houses and decks can differ in size dramatically, from a 1500 square foot ranch to a 7000 square foot colonial. How could the price for washing these homes be the same? The answer- They can’t.

Amazingly some people must be calling from this type of crazy advertising, because I see these ads year after year. If you see an ad offering this type of one set pricing, keep turning the page as no reputable contractor would ever advertise this way.

Rip-Off #5: A contractor offers to give an estimate over the phone without looking at the job or using “satellite imaging” to view the job: Again, no surprise at his being listed here, but amazingly some people must be accepting this type of offer. It is impossible to accurately price a job without seeing it. Not to mention this type of estimating is illegal in the state of NJ. Always get a written quote with clear terms and conditions outlined in writing.


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